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The 135 & 335 N54

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Quick Note on the “Alternator belt system”

When the alternator belt snaps it cuts the crank seal and goes into the sump. This blocks up the oil feed pipe and can result in you running a bearing. The power-steering pulley shreds the belt as it gets rough edges from touching the sub-frame.
See Simple illustration of “alternator” belt system – quite an intricate system:

alternator” belt system

The crank seal is almost always damaged when the belt breaks.

Most people call in and mention that the belt broke and notify me that there is also a “new oil leak.”

The oil comes from the crank seal.

PLEASE have your technician drop the sump and clean out the pieces of the belt. Do not take a chance. Not worth it.

See pic below of pieces of the broken belt in oil pick up pipe.

Client came in with endless problems and we told him we knew he had a belt break on him before because we discovered some pieces of his belt, not a pleasant find.

You will damage the engine.


Our solution / what we do when it happens

  1. Space the engine (you don’t need a new sub-frame)
  2. New belt
  3. New power steering pulley
  4. Strip Sump – clean Sump and renew engine oil
  5. Front shocks will be assessed
  6. Big end bearings – ONLY if it went too far – like in the pic above

If you service with us we always look at the power-steering pulley and automatically quote to space the engine; our preventative maintenance.