Older gen Gearbox Filter

Cars: E46 & E39 X3 and X5 E60 – 5series E65 – 7series E87 – 1series E90 – 3series According to the manufacturer the oil in these gearboxes are a lifetime oil. When I get these cars with early stages of gearbox faults; transmission light on – I usually recommend a change of oil and […]


Every time a cylinder fires up the crank rotates; causing all sorts of very technical vibrations which I won’t get into here. The simple solution to this magnitude of force is mounting a big rubber damper or pulley onto the front part of the crank.

Timing Chain Part Explosion

The weak point falls on the Timing Chain Tensioner and after a bit of wear & tear they stop working. This part has been modified and redesigned by Be-Em.

3lt Turbo

Easy warm up: let the oil temperature regulate before you drive hard, keep an eye on the oil gauge as it goes up slowly and reaches an idle oil temp which will be after the water temp is normal. Good clean oil, often Don’t turn off a hot engine, idle for a minute or drive […]

Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive

We pride ourselves in finding the best things to do and put into your Be-Em or MINI to keep it running better and cleaner. One of the things we suggest for diesel engines is the LIQUI MOLY Super Diesel Additive which not only makes your diesel engine run slightly better but also cleans and prevents […]

Electric Fuel Pump

Electrics pumps fail due to constantly being in use. After years of service it wears on the internal parts. What causes Pre-mature failure: Constantly driving on reserve fuel levels. The pump relies on fuel passing through it for cooling and lubrication. Another concern would be the dirt that accumulates in the bottom of the tank […]


Because the lift of each valve per cylinder is controlled or varied continuously according to the revs, the engine will perform at optimum efficiency and hence balance will occur with power, fuelling and engine breathing.

Engine pic

Each cylinder has its own coil mounted above each spark plug. What it does is convert the batteries 12 volts to the thousands of volts needed to spark the spark plugs.


The link provided below will take you to the Web Page of Kristopher Linquist who has been collecting and sharing the owner’s manuals for most Be-Em E46 3-series 1999-2005.


These valves might all look different but they all function the same.